Yes, we certainly do.

Adlab has been running trade promotions for the last 30 years. We do everything from physical competitions, through to purely digital competitions. Everything is possible!

We’ve written a few blogs about trade promotions and competitions, they’re a great place to start learning.

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Brand Awareness

If your business is doing something special, people are going to talk about it. Increased marketing also means your brand is making more impressions, resulting in more people knowing who you are.

Value for Customers

Running a trade promotion provides value to the customer, either through savings, bonus products, or purely entertainment value. Customers will participate in a trade promotion specifically to gain this benefit.


In today’s retail space, there is undoubtedly significant competition for products and services. Running a trade promotion differentiates you from similar businesses and provides a reason for the consumer to pick you first.

Strengthening Relationships

Providing value to your customers through trade promotions makes consumers feel as though their needs are acknowledged by your company, creating a stronger sense of loyalty, and over time result in increased sales for you.

Data Collection

Trade promotions often include a customer entering their details to receive a reward. These details, particularly when streamlined to your database through a microsite, can then easily be utilised for further personal marketing opportunities.

If you’re a lucky winner, then Adlab will contact you when the prizes are drawn!

There’s a total of 21 prizes to be won. 1 major Adlab Hamper & 20 pairs of Adlab socks!

You can always contact Adlab using the following email and phone number. Don’t hesitate to reach out, if you have any questions!

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